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Leilani's Consulting LLC Claimed

Always affordable prices

5.0/55 Reviews

Leilani’s Consulting will help you when it comes to your Taxes, Credit, Notary, your personal Financial Blueprint and more. Most important I will educate you on your personal finances so you can become Financially Free from Debt.

Leilani’s Consulting doesn’t just do financials. I also help connect people to resources in MN, help get your background clear by assisting with expungement paperwork, discount on travel, help establish business credit and apply for grants to help care for your love ones with disabilities.


Q How long does it take to see my credit score go up?

The 3 credit bureaus have 30-45 days to respond. Within that time frame you should see the score change or have a letter saying why not.

Q Do you travel to notarize?

Yes additional $20 travel fee, but only in Minnesota

Q How many years you can go back and do taxes?

The IRS allows me to go back 3 years

Q How can I get waiver help for disabled love one?

If they have insurance through state look on back of card and call customer service ask for PCA or MNChoice assessment.

Q What type of discounts you offer for travel?

I discount rental cars and hotels. You can also purchases packet if you travel a lot and earn points that you can use as cash later.

Q How do you remove charges off criminal record?

I print paperwork out (MN ONLY), pull your background and fill out form for you as well as get court fee waived based off income.

Q What is Cash Flow Manager?

Cash Flow manager helps track you business income and expenses. By taking a picture of receipts, adding and subtracting money and putting it into a spreadsheet. So it has your business name on it and all tax deductions for tax time.

5 Reviews for Leilani's Consulting LLC

HeavenlyPaid33 1 Reviews
Leilani Consulting LLC

I recommend everyone to go and link up with Ms Leilani, she is a very good consulting and her drive is untouchable!!!!

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Aaron Brewster 1 Reviews
Diligence like no other

Leilani’s persistence to get you the best return possible is commendable! Words that describe Leilani’s professionalism is Diligence, educational, friendly, integrity and a very rewarding experience well worth the money. 5 out of 5 rating!!!

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Levvy220 1 Reviews
She is really really great

She was on point t with everything and her customer service is awesome . She knows what she is doing and I would recommend her to anyone

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Bruce 1 Reviews
She's great

Right away she was willing to give me resources and it’s the weekend just great I highly recommend 💯

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ecaldwell1973 1 Reviews
Highly recommend

I absolutely loved my services.. She actually breaks everything down to you. She’s very detailed and informative. I highly recommend this company for all your credit and tax services

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